Here at last, A French Wedding has hit the bookshelves in the U.S. and Canada. I had absolutely nothing to do with the beautiful cover so it’s not immodest of me to say “Isn’t she gorgeous?!” Don’t you just want to pull out a chair and join the scene, under the trees and the festoon lights?



I am hugely indebted to the team at Doubleday and Penguin Random House who not only made the cover gorgeous but helped make the contents shine as well. I have been so supported by Melissa Danaczko and Margo Shickmanter who are a dream duo to work with – wise, encouraging, funny and kind. Add to that all the copyeditors, proofreaders, typesetters, designers, supporters and cheerleaders who worked so very tirelessly – I really could not have wished for a better crew. I’m very grateful to Catherine Drayton, my agent with Inkwell Management, who played matchmaker and set us up (I’m underplaying it here, she does a great deal more but she does it with such competent, no-fuss grace that she makes it seem easy).


It requires a lot of work, from many people, to get a book onto shelves. I am so thankful for each and every person who played a role in getting A French Wedding to her readers. I’ve already had photographs of the book on shelves in Calgary and New York City. I love seeing where my books end up so please feel free to send me a snap via the contact form, Facebook or Instagram. Word is that A French Wedding makes a great companion for a summer holiday…


To celebrate A French Wedding and to get a copy onto your bookshelf I have two books from Doubleday to give away to U.S. / Canadian readers. It’s super simple. All you have to do is head to our Facebook page or Instagram page, like or follow and tag in your favourite book buddy in a comment. This novel is all about friends so don’t forget that last part – you could make someone very happy.


With love and thanks to all those who continue to make this writer’s dreams come true,

Bons baisers, 

Hannah x


P.S. For my dear New Zealand and Australian readers, who had A French Wedding, published by Pan Macmillan Australia well before their North American counterparts had their own version, thank you so much for all your support and apologies for any confusion. I’m going to try and figure out a personal giveaway for you folk, of this lovely edition with its gorgeous hardback cover, because, well, I love ya. So please stay tuned! x