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Gretchen Meyer doesn’t know exactly what she did wrong, but life is beginning to suck. As if having a semi-nudist family wasn’t awkward enough, she seems to have lost her best friend to the fanatical school swimming team, and her chemistry grade is so close to negative digits that only emergency tutoring can save it. So far, so high school. Then James/Dean rolls into her life – also known as her zit-faced tutor James, and his slightly less zit-faced cousin Dean. Kind-hearted rebels without a cause, they draw Gretchen out of high school hell, and briefly the world seems full of possibility again. But then everything changes over the course of one awful night. Bewildered by harsh new emotions of grief and love, Gretchen realises she must now decide who she wants to be, and what it means to be loyal.

Written in poems as self-confessed poetry geek Gretchen finds new ways of expressing herself, The Opposite of Geek is a tale of haiku, high-fives and heartache. It explores with rich humour all the anguished details of teenage life – being cool and being a loser, younger sisters with enviable dating records, the comforting properties of chocolate brownies…A sensitively-drawn chronicle of the unnerving process of growing up, it is above all a funny and heartfelt novel about a girl finding her feet.

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For thirteen-year-old Jakob, the summer is looking pretty bleak. His only friend has moved away and no one else seems to have any time for him, except the girl who lives downstairs, but she’s a little weird. Then again, so is Jakob. A few months ago, he was in a car accident that killed both his parents – and though he’s unable to remember exactly what happened, he can’t stop turning it over in his mind. No wonder people leave him alone.

Then out of nowhere a stray dog befriends Jakob, and together they begin to roam the city streets by night, discovering an exhilarating secret world where they can both taste a new kind of freedom. But as their nocturnal adventures take Jakob further and further away from the safety of home, the truth of that awful night starts to emerge. Will he be strong enough to face it – and who will be there for him when he does?