A few years ago (yikes! years?!) I posted a sort of love poem to Vancouver, that city we love and left and still go back to whenever we can. And not that long ago, we here at F&F posted haiku weekly. Remember that? I miss those days. So I’m resurrecting the haiku habit for a bit of a love poem to the west coast of Vancouver Island, the little town of Tofino specifically, where we spent a calm and sandy few days not long ago. A private and historical island was open to the public (free boat rides!) for only that weekend, and the weather was uncharacteristically, brashly, hot and sunny. The kids were in heaven. The food was, as usual, worth photographing and eating out of order (ice cream before dinner, anyone?). Here’s to you, Tofino. With love.




Adventure awaits

just beyond the laburnum;

watch me chase it down.





Sandy toes, clam shells

and bull kelp stretched like noodles

(lasagna, not spaghetti).





Locked tight until fingers

pry it apart, the clam shell:

a surprise of nothing.





Happening upon

messages from other parents:

demand or desire?





Logs washed ashore

in fierce west coast storms: bleached, beached,

sun-warmed tree ghosts.


DSC_0051 copy


…And…your turn! How would you haikaption this photo? Leave a haiku or just a comment–hearing from you makes our day!