We’re through it now and flowers are everywhere, but for a while it was all doom and gloom and torrential rain around here. Typical “wet coast” weather that makes you long for summer–or a plane ticket to NZ, where it is summer…

But, ahem, we have survived the season and it’s time to celebrate with a look back at the best things that came out of it.

  1. Snow walks, when we searched out the snow. Watching toddlers walk, fall and flop down in joy in snow.


2. Hikes in the forest where it is not snowy (aka home). Children who enjoy themselves on said hikes, even if it rains halfway through.




3. Cheatscake, which is the best and quickest way to cheesecake heaven that I know of. Digestive + cream cheese + jam = don’t say I didn’t warn you.




4. Our first ever batch of sauerkraut–delicious and almost gone. Second batch on the way, but not nearly soon enough. Discovering how perfect a lunch sauerkraut, cream cheese and crackers is. Hmmm, perhaps the savoury twin of the above dessert…




5. Great things listened to and learned from: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons and Dear Sugar Radio. Things read: The Elegance of the Hedgehog and Fifteen Dogs.


And now we’re moving on, Winter. Thanks and farewell. Go visit another hemisphere for a while…