Hi There.

I’m going to try something new. Something we haven’t done around here in a while–not since we did that thing with the haiku. (We had a lot of fun doing that.)

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creativity. Doing it, contemplating it, avoiding it, being scared of it, watching other people do it. All the things we do with (or without) it as artists. Have you heard that thing Tom Waits says? That as a musician, his job is to make jewelry for the insides of people’s minds? Aw man. The very idea is so evocative I want to eat it.

Actually, I’ll put a Fork & Fiction spin on it: I’m going to make cookies for people’s souls. Soul cookies.


DSC_1389 cropped


And what I want to propose is this: we be brave here and put out some delicious, pretty things to feed the internet. I’ve always been a fan of quick, impromptu art, writing that happens in a flash, with the best you’ve got in any given moment, ego be damned. Scary? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. Worth it? I think so. Not all baking is successful, right? Some recipes fail, some batches fall flat. But is the process worthwhile? Do you want to keep trying? I think you see where I’m going with this.


I’m giving myself a writing prompt, right here, right now, to write a short piece and submit it to Everyone Everywhere, in the hopes that it will spawn others to take up the challenge and try making a little something fun. So here we go. Post a comment, a thought, or if you’re brave, your own piece in whatever form it takes.

**And in case you need a little extra nudge or support to do this kind of thing, please listen to this podcast all about creativity and the ways we stop ourselves from doing it. (It’s episode #12.)**

The Prompt: Write a short note from one person to another that tells a story. Roommate to roommate, husband to wife, daughter to mother, nun to God, kid to Santa Claus…options are endless. Deep breath. Go.


Hey Jake.

Why is there a puppy in the kitchen? When you finally wake up, please clean the bathroom, there’s dog crap everywhere. You can also buy me a new pair of running shoes. Does this dog have anything to do with the girl you were making out with last night? The one who works at an animal shelter? Okay, the puppy is biting my toes. It just broke the skin. Guess I’ll need to go to the clinic for a tentanus shot. No, wait–you crashed my car last week, didn’t you? Guess I’ll take your bike. By the way, have you paid the rent? The landlord just called for you. I told him you were at work. Great–the dog just puked on the carpet. I’m out of here. And you know what? After the clinic I’m going to the pawn shop to see how much I can get for your bike. I suspect that’s the only way I’ll get those new running shoes.



Whew. That was FUN! What else can we make here?