It’s just gone Thanksgiving around here and we celebrated in all the usual ways–eating until we waddled, piling crisp, amber leaves to jump into and rearranging the nine pairs of shoes on the backdoor shoe rack. No, wait, that’s just something our preschooler makes us do every day. Hannah and I have a history of Thanksgiving visits, so I always think back fondly to those times, before she and her beautiful family moved back down under. Family, friends, food, fun. All the best ‘f’ words.

And thank goodness for pie and stuffing and all the green beans, and I know this is a harvest festival and all. But it’s also a gratitude festival. We always make a point of reflecting on what we’re grateful for. At the end of the day, that’s my favourite part. So here’s my list for 2015, in no magical order. Feel free and welcome to share yours in comments.

1. This book, by Liz Gilbert, along with her magical podcasts. Love it love it.


2. This guy and this girl. Because, you know.





3. A husband crazy about aforementioned small people.



4. Basil that grows at a weed-like pace. (And guard-ducks to watch over it.)



5. A place to write. Places to write. In both senses: places to write in, places to write about. Writing, in general.



6. This blog. A space we’ve had going for more than three years. (Yikes, how the time goes.)


Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for being here.