I’m sorry. This is not the post I intended writing. I had much better posts in mind. About how I found evidence of The World’s First Blogger or sharing the recipe for the best chocolate treat I have made all year. And then…


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Since last Thursday the whole family have been felled by a multitude of sucky sicknesses. There’s been, in no particular order – croup, fevers, nasty viruses, chest infections and worms (Yes, I know. Ew.) We lurched, descended, battled with one house-plague after the other. We dispensed paracetemol, washed load upon load of laundry, switched and swapped beds before ending up in the one bed, consoled, complained and bought more boxes of tissues. On going to the doctor again yesterday I opened with “So, since you saw us at the end of last week…” Yup. We became That Family.


I really want to be able to write something more inspiring and share something more meaningful, but right now I’m wheezy after a walk down the hallway and even my eyeballs hurt. I will tell you about the World’s First Blogger and I will give you a recipe for a no-bake chocolate treat that also happens to be hands-down the best and easiest dinner party gift. I will, I will, I promise and cross my heart! But not today. Today I’m going to cocoon myself in a duvet of self-pity, pop the panadol and sleeeeeeeeep.


But, before I do, here are some things that have made the last week less dreadful. There’s always something, isn’t there? Something sweet or funny or uplifting? A silver lining? Feel free to come back to this list when you have A Week From Hell and need a pick me up (or three):


This very funny, heartwarming documentary.


Mum making us pie for dinner and Dad sending loving text messages with bunches of flowers emoticons. Awww.


Wondering: If Google was a guy…


Having my sister and her family to stay and sharing this delicious fudge saved from our Queenstown trip.




Rediscovering the simple pleasure of a vegemite sandwich made with very fresh bread and spread thickly with soft butter.


A great read gifted to me by my friend, Lucie (the perfect pressie for a creative Mum).


Hearing a friend recount her recent trip to hospital with viral meningitis, the pain and debilitation she went through, the concern it might actually be a brain bleed, the worry she had for her young kids and her long recovery. Which served to remind me that things can always be much, much worse.


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How are you? Have you been well? What gets you through when sickness strikes? Do you have any tips or tricks? Please share your silver linings with us!



Hannah x