For your reading pleasure today, Fork & Fiction brings you some hot chocolate, a fair amount of plastic food and a substantial serving of (best served hot!) poetry.



Isn’t it great to have a cafe you frequent where the people know you if not by sight, at least by the same charming kids you keep bringing in? We had so much fun here today that we thought an Ode was in order…please forgive us.




O how we love the local spot

that opens early, closes late,

the play food plenty, the coffee hot,

to sit and drink and contemplate.


The chairs and couches aren’t in style

the art, for sale, composed and bright.

Hot chocolate comes to those who wait

and then don’t even hesitate

to dip and taste, then slurp and smile–

satisfaction of the drink done right.



hot choc


The hardest part is how to choose

from all the many wondrous toys

the neighbourhood kids have used,

those friendly, sugared-up girls and boys.


And all the while, cast ears about

for bits of conversations, tales

that, pieced together, make a quilt–

the stuff of which our town is built.

We come for baked goods, there’s no doubt,

and happiness that seldom fails.



What do you love about local cafe or coffee shop?