Well now, that was fun! This week, on our facebook page, we requested a prompt for our Sweet Little Something photographs. We got a ton of awesome ideas: sweet, sugarless, spring… Rather than choose just one I’ve decided to go with “S is for:” as our prompt, seeing as so many of the ideas were superb ‘S words’. Amanda, Ria and I have each posted an “S is for:” photo below. See if YOU can guess what the S is for. And then go on and have yourself a sensational, stunning, super Saturday & Sunday!

From Amanda:



From Hannah:



From Ria:




P.S. Thrilled to welcome back Ria after a short break away and very sad to wave bye-bye to Amanda. It’s Amanda’s last post on Monday – please check it out! And if you are going to miss her, as we will, remember to drop by Graze The Earth to be regaled with travel tales and foodie frollicking. Thanks for being part of the gang, Amanda, we wish you all the very best, always. x