Well, as you know, our dearest Ria is currently baby-busy, leaving me at the helm. Yup, it makes me a little nervous too. Especially when left in charge of Sweet Little Something to dream and drum up haiku. Ria is the Haiku Queen and cannot be replaced! Just see her haiku-quotin’ wonderful book for evidence.

Not to fear – we have photographs for your poetic musings and comments and a little riddle to solve too. As Ria hinted we have a brand, new, EXCITING, surprise guest blogger joining us from next week here at Fork and Fiction. She has kindly submitted a photograph for Sweet Little Something to have you pondering where she is and who she is. Hmmm, mysterious. Any guesses? Anyone game enough to guess in haiku form?!? Go on, show off a little, you know you want to.

From our shhhhh-it’s-a-secret Guest Blogger:


From Hannah (and B1, also excited about Guest Blogger):




Have a happy weekend. Bounce bounce. x