Okay, so don’t freak out but I’ve been to listening to….music.


I’ve been to two concerts this past month. Two. That’s more concerts than I’ve managed to get to in the same number of years. You know how some people say they don’t get out much? Yeah, that’s me. I’ve been living under a (pretty comfortable thankyouverymuch) rock. Parenthood, for sure, is largely to blame but in truth I’ve always lagged behind with new music. At primary school I was asked which radio station I listened to and I was totally flummoxed. Huh? Radio station? What? Um, I’m pretty keen on Dad’s Rumours album and the Best of Dire Straits cassette is getting worn through, does that count?


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My younger brother and sister think my music tastes are endearing and hilarious. My sister thinks it is knee-slap worthy that I am now listening to what was considered a student radio, bFm. She’s all “pah ha ha, only about fifteen years late”. Yeah yeah, shush you, Cheeky. But there it is, suddenly and finally, I am listening to something other than Fiona Apple, Fleetwood Mac – never did shake that one – and Ella Fitzgerald on repeat. And – get this – new music is, like, gooooooood. Who knew? (Everyone.)


First concert – Jake Bugg at the town hall. Thumbs up. Jake is like JohnnyCashOasisTheBeatlesNickDrake. That’s right, all rolled together. I would think he was kind of good lookin’ too, if his birth year wasn’t in the NINETIES. We sat up in the balcony like the two old guys in the Muppets, drinking out of plastic cups and looking down on all the youth doing strange and interesting things. Like flirting.


Concert number two – John Butler Trio at the Powerstation. How good are they?! Talented and passionate; making sure everyone has a damn fine time. John Butler played his little fingers off and my sister, friend and I didn’t stop grooving. It’s the sort of music that just makes you happy happy happy.


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Perhaps I’m listening to more tunes these days because I am doing much more driving and running. I don’t listen to music when I am working and frankly just the thought of playing music at the same time as my kids screech / shout / grizzle / demand gives me a headache. But I am now craving tunes when I’m on the move. {Sans kids, I should clarify. If the kids are with me then it’s Kate Winslet reads The Magic Faraway Tree or I get heckled and tiny teddies are pinged at the back of my head.}


I made the mistake of telling my sister that I was finally buying music on iTunes and made some joke about how I was now one of “the kids” and she muttered cynically that none of “the kids” pay for their music anymore. See?! *fingersnap* Always one step behind…


So, with all that considered, it’s likely I’m the last person on the planet to rave about these tracks but I’m going to do it anyway. Here are some of my tunes du mois. I like to pair them with ridiculous scenarios so, ahh, sorry about that.




Song for fishing at the end of a pier as the sun rises behind the city and you wonder if you should have learnt how to play the tromboneMine by Spirits of the Red City

Song for outta control kisses in dark corners at a crowded pub (or remembering them) – Love Interruption by Jack White

Song for tripping barefoot through dew-wet grass in a long dress that makes you feel prettyCrown the Pines by S Carey

Song for cranking loud while running off a mild hangover (pretty smug that it isn’t as bad as the ones you used to have)Seen it All by Jake Bugg

Song for watching your baby grow and grow and grow achingly too fast and just right – Ocean by John Butler Trio (This was crazy-good live)

Song for great-sad memories that shred your heart into confetti and then put it back together again but not the way it wasFake Empire by The National

Song for taking your lunch-break in a park sitting on a bench in the autumn sunshine – Me at the Museum, You at the Wintergardens by Tiny Ruins

Song for when, sigh, you just can’t get away from the fact that you love tea and cardigans and were born in the wrong decadeOne Town at a Time by Pokey Lafarge


Where and when do you listen to music? Do you listen to music while you work?

And, finally, do you have any recommendations for me? Go on now, this old gal needs all the help she can get.


Hannah x


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