Well, this is our last post before Christmas, our last post of 2013, and the last time we will get to share the best experiences we’ve collected this year. We thought we’d go out with a list of them, and a wish for 2014, because we get all nostaglic around this time and when that’s the way you feel, it’s best to just give in.

Top Three for 2013




1. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I’m into Fangirl now, which is also charming and engrossing. Recommended.

2. Birthday dinner at The Acorn. Nothing makes me quite as happy as eating at a restaurant where I can order anything on the menu. Thank the gods there seems to be a fad of vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver right now. Love it. And that should be the collective noun, don’t you think?

3. These slippers. Why did I wait so long to get real, grown-up, comfortable, expensive slippers? They make me happy every day.

Wish for 2014: To have a good, long writing stretch in which I can finish a draft. Only one draft. Not a lot to ask, really. It can completely suck–it just has to be complete.





1. Moving home. Five country moves, a big career change and two babies in the last eight years….Girl Nomad needed to settle down.

2. Mini adventures. Somewhat restricted from taking grand sojourns (Because Kids) I really enjoyed the little escapes we had in 2013. Two of the best were: my solo night at the Hilton Sydney and a family race day in Northland.

3. Favourite Fork: Little and Friday cafe (I know, I know I do go on) Favourite Fiction: Heartbeat by Sharon Creech. It rescued me from a reading rut.

Wish for 2014: To bed down. I’m not even sure how to explain that wish but you know – settle into the house, our routines, writing, try to keep healthy, get good and boring and a tiny bit suburban. I might even try to not kill some plants (don’t quote me).


All the very best of the season from us both; we’ll see you back here in 2014 with more foodie and writerly rambles–and some exciting developments! 😉

Hannah and Ria