This week’s Sweet Little Something is a little morsel from each of us that we would love your comments on. A photograph, a link, a poem…a tidbit of inspiration. Leave us a note or create a haiku for a photograph if it takes your fancy. Have a wonderful weekend!

From Hannah:

Okay, if you luuurve books and you haven’t heard of Litographs yet, I am about to make your Christmas. Check this out: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad…

Heart of Darkness

Yup, made from the words / content of Heart of Darkness! Litographs unique artworks (on t-shirt, tote, canvas etc) each illustrate a theme, character, or setting from a classic book. Move closer and the text becomes fully legible. AND they’re partnered up with the International Book Bank so each product you buy means one new, high-quality book goes to a community in need. Please, Santa….

From Ria: