Raspberries and Relaxation, that is. I’m going to make the ‘relaxation’ part do double duty and say it includes ‘rest’ so the first ‘R’ is in need of a new identity. And it’s July. I did promise a raspberry post, didn’t I?

I’m going to start with the second R. And goodness knows there’s been little of it around in recent weeks. What with the novel getting finished up, an exploding garden to tame, an old house’s perpetual demands and a toddler to run after (squeeze full-time work in there somewhere), there’s been an awful lot of un-relaxation going on. But that all changed this past weekend, if briefly, when DH and I took our first overnight trip sans child. My first night away in all her 20+months. It was glorious. I know I don’t need to explain how much I love my daughter, or how much I love being on my own schedule. It’s only when we get away that we realise just how tethered we are to little ones’ naps and mealtimes and playtime whims.

Case in point, the things that made me so very glad this weekend: We stayed out all day! Without having to search the city for a suitable diaper-changing spot! We ate whatever/wherever/whenever! Things that would be choking hazards for tiny throats we consumed with abandon! We went into shops that hate kids! We tried things on in the shops! We went out for dinner and smiled fondly at the couple by the window who were out for their first meal without their 11-week-old. We knew we were so much further along than them. We changed our minds a few times, did things for longer than we’d planned and snuck in extra sights. We. Slept. In.

Not only was all that child-free time invigorating, but the location of said trip made it all the better. We drove one and a half hours to Victoria, BC to stay with friends, and man, is it nice to be in the big city sometimes. I think I need to add a third ‘R’ –Reinvigoration.

We saw this

photo (6)


and ate/drank this

photo (8)


and witnessed this skirmish between a pirate ship and a pickle boat. There were actual swords drawn on the pirate ship, though I can’t verify their battle-worthiness.

photo (9)


And now on to the other ‘R’. Our raspberries are the everbearing kind, so once they start producing in July, we’ve got them until about November. It’s the best half of the year. I stock the freezer with fresh-picked yogurt-tubfulls of them. They spoil us to the point of boredom–another bowl of raspberries? What are we going to do with them? So here’s what I did with one bowlful last week.


There is no recipe here, really just some ingredients that I had in the fridge, so threw together. I was craving something light, fruity and a bit rich. Kind of like Eaton Mess or a Pavlova. but I wasn’t about to make a merengue just to satisfy my wanton desires, so I improvised. I took some thick plain yogurt (full fat organic) and folded into it some freshly-whipped cream (also organic–it tastes so much better). Then I drizzled that with honey and strew the raspberries over top. It sounds too simple to need describing, but on tasting it, I felt like I’d come up with some astounding new thing (which I definitely had not) and immediately put more yogurt and lots more cream on my shopping list (danger). Try it. Tell me what you think.


I have a feeling this would also be amazing with macerated strawbs, fresh blueberries and also chopped up mango. Maybe less honey for that one. Salivating.