Thrilled to bring you another “How She Does it” interview with a very talented lady we have had the pleasure of working with directly : Tabitha Emma. Tabitha designed the Fork and Fiction website, from logo to illustrations to the nifty ‘postcards’ contact form (you haven’t checked out our contact forms yet? Hurry up then, take a look!). We found Tabitha, graphic designer / web goddess / artist through the wonderful Beth MacDonald of BabyMac fame. It’s turned out to be the prefect match for us.

Tabitha lives in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia with her husband and has what looks like a pretty enviable work space. We’ve never actually met in person or even spoken over the phone but I just know she is awesome. She put up with our woolly explanations, our constant questions and lots of changing of minds. I’m guessing it’s hard enough to satisfy one client, let alone two, but she managed it.  And to top it all off, she’s got some stunning illustrations in her portfolio…


So, without further ado, here is Tabitha, and here is How She Does It.

When did you know you wanted to do the work you do?

I knew I wanted my own business from about 15 years old. But didn’t discover graphic design until my early 20’s. [Tabitha originally started in the fashion industry]

What is your proudest career moment so far?

Getting my artwork into the Curvy book. I heard about the book while I was studying, and it became a goal of mine to get published in it. In 2011, I successfully got published in the book.

What quality do you think is the most important for a person to be successful in your field?

Passion! There are plenty of talented people out there. If you want to succeed you need passion and drive. If your heart isn’t in it, you won’t get far.

What do you have to sacrifice or compromise in order to do the work you do?

Weekends! I do have the odd weekend off, but its not like a 9-5 job, where when you get home, its your time, and you don’t have to think about work. My business never closes, so its always there, and there is always something that needs to be done.


What do you still hope to achieve in your field? Secret dreams!

I would like to publish a book of my own one day. Not sure what sort of book it would be, craft, recipes, children’s story, not sure. But it’s something I would love to be able to do.

Who is your biggest supporter / cheerleader?

My husband. He gets so proud when I work on something exciting, wants to show all his friends my work, or when I get something published.


Digital reader or paper? Why?

Paper! You can’t beat the smell and feel of a book. It’s irreplaceable. I sometimes buy books just because they are pretty or have nice paper! I think that’s part of being a graphic designer.

Who was your favourite author as a child?

I had quite few, as I read heaps as a child. I think Paul Jennings and R.L. Stine where two of my most favourites.

What is always in your fridge and pantry?

Other than the basics, I always have peanut butter. I am a bit of an addict!!

If we could “beam you up” anywhere in the world for a meal, where would it be, what would it be and with whom?

Italy with my husband for dinner. I love Italian food, and since we have never traveled overseas together before, it would be a truly wonderful meal and evening!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

Do the things you enjoy. Don’t just chase good marks, success or money.

Sum up your life right now in three words

Change, knits, creative

Thank you, Tabitha, for being part of our How She Does It series and creating such a beautiful design for Fork and Fiction. I have to say – that advice you received resonates with us too. You absolutely must do what you enjoy, it’s amazing what happens after that. 

HUGS, Hannah x

PS. Seriously?! How gorgeous are these illustrations? I had to post another…