{Spoiler: Oh yes, there will be prizes.}

Huzzah! It’s a celebration! Don’t you love a celebration?

I try to find any excuse to celebrate because it means there will be CELEBRATION FOOD. I know I’m not the only one. But because we have yet to be able to reach into the internet and pull out a piece of cake, I’ve found some delicious food pics to keep things festive. I take full responsibility if you need something sweet after reading this post.

DSC_0450 - Copy

So what are we celebrating? The launch of Fork and Fiction, this delicious blog about food and writing and people we love and funny things that happen at the strangest moments. Yeeha! We hope it will be the beginning of a beautiful (and growing) collaboration.  We want to open up the dialogue and hear from other women and men who are writers, readers, cooks, foodies, parents, artists and many other very cool nouns. Communities inspire and support, and who couldn’t use a little more of that business?


To get the party started, we thought we’d kick off the week by interviewing each other…favourite food, book, why become a writer, all the tough questions. Monday April 8th Hannah will interview Ria and Wednesday April 10th Ria will post her questions to Hannah. It’s the start of one of our features, How She Does It, in which we interview women (And men! We love men!) who we admire for their creativity, drive, success and general coolness.

And that’s not all…

Friday April 12th will be our GRAND PRIZE DRAW for fantastic prizes. Actual, real, edible and readable prizes! Told you there’d be prizes…

Here’s how it works: Anytime from now until Thursday April 11th at 8pm (PST)  post any comment about food OR fiction AND subscribe to the blog (using the check box when you comment) and we will round up all the comments and subscriptions and randomly draw winners. Yes–more than one! We will have one lucky southern hemisphere winner and one lucky northern hemisphere winner. And what will you win? Books! Treats! The envy of all! Hannah and I will package up a copy of each of our books and slip in some local treats for you to nibble on while you read.


So don’t forget to post your comment and subscribe before the end of our celebration launch week. Now go get your cake on.


Hannah and Ria