So, we left Vancouver several years ago because we couldn’t afford to buy a shoebox to live in. We also moved because of job opportunities and a few other perks, but the fact remains that we miss the big, bustling, brash city, and when we go back there, we get all nostalgic and bittersweet. So I thought I’d show you a few of the things we saw and did, and instead of telling you at length about each one, I’d caption them with Haiku. Both because I’m feeling a bit poemy these days (new book announcement soon!) and because Haiku can have such a wonderful bittersweet edge. They are brief, vivid, viceral and unapologetic. Kind of like this past visit to our old stomping ground…


A frantic port for

lumber, vacationers, now:

modern derelict.




Inspiration from: sun,

a master, big kids, Easter,

milk chocolate. Now, draw.




Let, let–let go of

me. Let me, let me–let go,

let me at those ducks!


Crust of life covers

a forgotten foundation,

the building long gone.



The comfortable bear

is conflicted by his wish

to remain unsquashed.


Happy spring/autumn!