So, this is about the time of year when things get…sloggish. You know–the holidays are in the distant past, spring is never, ever going to happen, the world is grey and very often sodden and no matter how hard you try to keep it clean, the floor is just always dirty. And I hate a dirty floor.

You know who loves a dirty floor?


So, needless to say, I feel your recent frustration about getting things to happen your way. It’s just not a reality we live with right now, is it? But I don’t want to wallow or have, as you say, a pity party (though I am prone to those, oh yes). So I thought I’d make a Love-It list, because it’s been a while since I did and they always give me a dose of reality–the oh-yeah-I-do-live-a-charmed-life kind.

1. The mirrors our kids are. Right now Little e likes to drop things on the floor (see above) and say “uh-oh”. Guess where she got that from? DH reminded me the other day how annoyed he gets when he hears me say “uh-oh” in the next room and then no explanation for it. It drives him nuts not to know the small calamity that’s befallen me. Well, now I get to hear it twenty times a day, from all over the house, and I know exactly what’s happened. Egg + floor = Uh-oh.

2. Snowdrops.

3. Milk chocolate. I was such a good girl for almost all of January and did NOT touch the huge bar of Lindt chocolate in the cupboard, even though I thought of it every day. But now it’s February and the bar is half-gone. Oh god, and we’re not even a week in. So: love the chocolate, loathe my lack of self-control.

4. These amazing covers of Dr. Seuss Books.

5. Looking in the freezer for some dinner ideas and instead finding a tub of last year’s garden raspberries and a huge forgotten slice of homemade ice cream cake.


Which isn’t to say that the cake became dinner–DH wouldn’t let me–though it disappeared very quickly at its appointed time. Now, what to do with the raspberries? Any ideas, since you’re in summer mode?