Hello to you! I trust 2013 has treated you well so far. Thanks for adding to my looong list of recipes-to-make with that last post. Really, all I need right now is more reasons to eat.

So I’m going to give you another one. Your suggestion of resolutions got me thinking, and not just about how I can be a better human this year. It got me thinking about breakfast. It doesn’t take much, admittedly. But I started thinking about breakfast metaphorically–the start of the day, the hopeful beginning of something, just like January is to the rest of the year. Maybe the night before was a bender (or at least, in this house, a late night of cleaning-up-after-toddler and falling asleep halfway through a movie) and you want to do better with this new day you’ve been given. I often find breakfast sets the tone for my day. If I burn the pancakes, it doesn’t bode well.


DSC_0928 (2)

If you want to start the morning-month of the year off right, have a slice of breakfast pizza. I found it through Smitten Kitchen, but it’s from here originally. It is breakfast + Pizza = heaven.

DSC_0931 (2)

And now that we’re fed and satisfied, on to the list of resolutions I may or may not stick to. Hmmm, that was a disclaimer, wasn’t it? Shame on me for using the word resolutions when there’s nothing resolute about them. I will resolve to to better next time. Maybe.

1. Write more. That’s easy–I have a novel to edit by March. What’s not so easy: writing from scratch. Need to do more of that too.

2. More creative thinking. Which is different from thinking more creatively, because I think I’m already a creative thinker. I just don’t do as much of it as I used to.

3. Eat more whole grains. Easy. Done. I got this for Christmas.

4. Study patience. DH and I recently had a conversation about the nature of patience. It’s more than waiting for something for a long time without getting antsy. It’s grace, it’s courage, it’s confidence–in yourself and others. And that stuff is hard.

5. Get. Out. Side. Too much house makes Ria crazy.

What about you?