Well, instead of a Sweet Little Something, this week we are posting about our Sweet Little Siesta – a short break over the holiday season to feast, spend time with our dear ones and brew up ideas for next year’s posts. In fact, we already have some great plans….watch this space! It’s gonna be good!

Sometimes being a blogger is scary. On your blog you don’t just share your writing you also share your life. It can be challenging and feel very exposing. Our idea behind this blog is to write as though speaking with a close friend. We open our hearts and share our lives as if talking to eachother as we always have. It’s frank, it’s personal, it’s real.

This blog is our gift to you and your gift to us is that you read it. Read it or “like” it, pass it along or comment. Thank you so much for reading our words and sharing in our stories in 2012. A writer is nothing without a reader; so we give you our gratitude that you stopped by here and were part of the dialogue.

We will be back early in the New Year with more stories, more photos, more talk of food and books. Have a wonderful holiday, a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you again very soon…

Love, Hannah and Ria x