Today, another thankful list. And a walk in the woods, which tends to make me feel thankful anyway.

1. Growing up on the West Coast of Canada. Finding other places just as nice, but coming back here to raise a family. Realizing why.

2. Rain. Love/hate it, but really love it. Sound on roof, shine on deck and leaves, clear drops on cedar needles.

3. Having a great, great partner. Forgiving him for his movember ‘stache because the longer he has it, the more likeable it becomes. In an eighties porn star kind of way.

4. Getting to go back to places where old friends and old memories still live in my mind. Our dog looked at this view with us many times. And then shook himself dry–and us soaking wet.

5. Succeeding. Trying. Succeeding. Trying. Trying. Succeeding.