Right, that’s it. This is getting ridiculous. I’m adding a category – Markets & Food stores. Because Sydney is full to the brim of them! It’s quite astonishing the riches a foodie can find here. I’m running around like a person who’s never eaten before, taking photos like I’m at the Taj Mahal. But you understand, I know you do.

Today I bring you Marrickville Organic Food and Farmer’s Market. Come wander down the leafy lanes with me.

Marrickville Market runs every Sunday from 8am – 3pm at the Addison Road Community Centre, right next to this cool place: Reverse Garbage. I didn’t get a chance to have a look at Reverse Garbage due to young children rubbing their eyes and turning into Tasmanian devils so that gives me an excellent excuse to go back. For this visit I was wholly focussed on The Market. And filling my tum. Of course.

The challenging part was making a choice. Gozlame, hot lamb rolls with gravy, tarts and pies, ice-blocks…

Soda bread, corn fritters, quesadillas, olives, cakes, pasta, cheese….

I settled on a corn fritter, loaded with herbs and yoghurt and relish. I got so excited I forgot to take a photo of it. Bad blogger, tut tut! I was distracted by too many interesting things to look at. Like this little market regular, peeking out at me.

Or the thought of having a haircut. Next to the chai tent. As you do.

B1, clearly possessing her Mama’s DNA, was also transfixed. She ate fresh strawberries and got the juice all down her t-shirt. Then she had a “polar bear lemonade” (hand-made and frozen in a pouch, brilliant invention). She checked out stalls with secondhand books and clothes and helped me pick out a wooden bowl made of  Camphor Laurel, which smells amazing by the way.  She ran down aisles, smelled and touched everything.

Then she spotted Toddler Heaven. Ponies. Lots and lots of Ponies. Matt has always joked about B1 having him wrapped around his little finger and that she could merely smile at him and he would cave : “Okay, I’ll buy you a pony.” But even with B1’s charms there is no way we are adding a pony to our tiny abode. Besides, she doesn’t really know what a pony is yet. Ahem, until now…

So you can see why I am enamoured with Sydney right at this very moment. Where else can you find an food market with piles and piles of organic fruit and vegetables, a plethora of brunch options, a hairdresser and…pony rides??! Is it too corny to write: “there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy”? Cliche? Tick. The Truth? Tick! I only wish you were here to see it with me. You would have been beside yourself, you really would. I bought chilli linguine to take home and only wished I’d bought chocolate tart and chai tea.

Next time.

HUGS, Hannah x