I have a confession. I just ripped into a bag of Halloween candy DH brought home for the neighbourhood kids. You know, the trick-or-treaters. The preschoolers. I took candy from babies, basically. Which sort of but not really leads me into this food memory: sweets and writing. Cookies and creativity.

I know we’ve talked before about procrastination and how it can be a creative endeavour. Especially when it’s baking. Well, I think I write best with a cookie beside me, and who’s to say that’s not my process? Tea must accompany, of course, but having something sweet on a plate (preferably a pretty plate), makes the writing task…more purposeful. More romantic.

For one of the first writing classes I ever taught I brought the class cookies on the last day. It was winter and the streets were flooded with rain and I’d worn by rubber boots for a week straight. Making cookies seemed like the best indoor pursuit. We lived in Vancouver then, in a bright, window-filled apartment overlooking the lights of the city. I don’t know why, but baking in that place will always be the best kind of nostalgia for me.

We shared the cookies in class and they worked their magic. Food is connection; it binds us. We get to give part of ourselves in ways we can only do with food. It seals memories too. I always bring cookies to classes now. Especially when it’s a wintery, rainy day.



PS- These are whole wheat chocolate chip cookies from Orangette.