It’s no secret that my favourite colour is green. It happens to be Oprah’s favourite colour too, so I am in pretty good company. At this time of year, well, there is just something about Spring and green. I crave green even more than usual in Spring. To wear, to look out onto,…but especially to eat. And after my box of bounty delivery hotdamn I have a LOT of green to eat!

So….this is what I rustled up for dinner. A little “Green soup”. Simple really: An eschallot and a couple of garlic cloves, sliced. Thrown into a pan with olive oil till golden. About four zucchini, sliced. Brown them a little and then slosh a cup of vege stock in there. Cook till the zucchini are softish but still green and lovely. Throw in some fresh thyme leaves or whichever herb is rocking your boat. For goodness’ sake don’t overcook and get “Brown Soup”, tres not chic.

Chuck in a cup of peas. Fresh or frozen, whatever you can lay your hands on. Mine were frozen. Cook till soft but again, still green. Take off the heat and whiz up with your handheld blender. Mine has a soup-specific attachment, but I tried first with the “puree / mash” attachment because I am tired and my brain is a little soupy itself. I got a Jackson Pollock number in soup-green on my counters and kitchen floor. I cursed the attachment and then…realised my mistake….duuuhhh. Now, serve that green soup up with a dollop of greek yoghurt or some crumbled feta and a sprig of dill just because.

Aw, look at that goodness.

I’d like to report that B1 was as thrilled with the meal as I was. I even tried a little “marketing”. Not even Sam I Am could help my case.

She turned her nose up and ate….

Buttered toast. Ah well. You can’t win them all. Although Lauren Child and “I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato” did get her eating tomatoes (B1 is partial to a little reverse psychology). I’m not sure if I can convince her of the merits of green soup, despite the fact I kept harping on and on about how delicious it was and showing her my bowl with the sinking tideline. Nup. Green Soup was not for her. But she did wangle me into reading “Green Eggs and Ham” about four times. She’s clever that one. A little too clever.

HUGS, Hannah x