I haven’t been feeling all that creative lately. Working too much, parenting until the wee hours, spending remaining time with spouse and the vacuum cleaner (separately!) all leave little time for writing or otherwise rejuvinating the self. You know?

Even though I’m a poet, I haven’t written or even read much poetry in years. That’s really depressing now that I write it. Of course, I’m also a novelist and kid lit writer, so I’m going to shore up my confidence and say that’s taken up most of my writing time the past four years. Yes, that’s it.

But today I bring you some Haiku fresh from our neighbourhood. Haiku are all about nature, and what better time to celebrate that than in this autumn season full of colour? I was inspired by this book I just bought for little e and  I also happen to love looking at neighbourhoods and other people’s houses, so putting together a post with haiku set to photos, well, it just seemed natural, if you can pardon the pun.

Last strawberry of fall

red squeezed from short sunshine days

tart sweet hidden jewel.

Neighbourhood book shop–

free books for all who wander!

Words passed like warm bread.

Feral fennel grows

gargantuan in summer,

dies back in Fall’s chill.

Crisp morning. Colours touch,

blend and filter light through leaves,

a painting lesson.

Surprise begs a peek:

is it the star in the fence,

or view through the star?