Spring! It’s Spring! Yippee, yippee! Even with a winter that really wasn’t all that bad it’s nice to welcome a new season. Are you happy to see the start of Fall? We celebrated with a visit to a market. Of course. Matt and I have a healthy addiction to farmers markets and Sydney has several. It’s true, I’m not just trying to seduce you into visiting. Although….

..this is the sky over here:

Sydney Spring

Tempted yet?? There is a saying about Australia being full of oranges and sunshine, so I had to share these gorgeous beauties. Appropriate considering the market is held at Orange Grove Public School.

It is a pretty sensational market. Organic fruit and vegetables, fair trade felt toys and baskets, a rosehip oil vendor, butchers, fresh pasta, handmade yoghurt, warm bread, pies and tarts…. the list goes on. What is the collective noun for potatoes? A plethora? Look how many types there are!

Splendid Spuds

I am suffering from a little remorse. I really should have bought one of these: A gozlame. The line was so long I decided not to, but as soon as I got back in the car I thought, damn, if so many people wanted one I need one of those things. Will have to wait another week and tell you all about it.

Gozlame production

I did buy organic rhubarb (in case the need for a remedy strikes), banana and coconut tapioca (for B1, she was suitably impressed), unwaxed pink lady apples, ginger-carrot-orange juice and a ticket for B1 to bounce out her bounce on the bouncy castle. Actually, come to think of it, B1 did pretty well out of our market trip. I paused too long at a lovely stall and wound up buying a mouse that looked like it came straight out of a Maisie book. Check out the joy as she pulled it out of the bag.

A mouse!

That’s pretty much how I feel about the market. How good is a food market? Don’t they just make your heart sing?

PS. After your last post I’ve been thinking about My top five book list. Only five? Ooh, that’s hard. But, without actually making a list (I couldn’t bear the commitment to just five), at least two kids / YA books would absolutely rise to the top. Anne of Green Gables and The Book Thief. Something old, something new. I expect to add another to the list very shortly. Nobody’s Dog, I’ve heard it is very, very good… x