Kendall’s marvellous sticky date cake (recipe to come!)

Dear Ria,

I got your birthday e-card! Cupcake tic-tac-toe, love it! Speaking of sieve brain syndrome, I LOST my first go at it. Tic-tac-toe, I mean (we call it “noughts and crosses” down here in Southern hemisphere land). Who loses Tic-Tac-Toe?! Embarrassing. If I continue that kind of “duh” behaviour B1 is going to be giving me eye-rolls in absolutely no time. Do I worry about becoming a humiliation to my daughters? For sho. I’m the sort of person who writes “for sho”, I mean, it’s gonna be bad. I make myself cringe–I can’t imagine how horribly embarrassing I am going to be to them.

Related note: Have you seen I love you, Man?  There are several scenes where he tries to impress his new mate and ends up inventing strange and uncool sayings. I’m like that. Only with children who will one day start saying “Could you drop me off down the road, I’ll just walk the last hundred metres to school / X’s house / the party etc”. And I’ll reply something like “Totes Magotes“.

Back to my birthday….it was awesome! B1 gave me an enormous balloon when I woke up in the morning, my sister brought over homemade sticky date cake with caramel sauce (see photo above! Everyone should eat sticky date cake in the morning), Matt looked after babes while I snuck out for lunch and orange pekoe tea with Mum and Sis, I was spoiled with love and notes and presents. Happiness! And then, as if that weren’t enough, Matt and I went out for dinner while Sis babysat the little ones and we got to talk to each other and wear clothes that didn’t have baby spit-up on the shoulders. Wow. Do I have to wait twelve months for the next one? Shouldn’t we get halfway ones, six months on??

What I love most about a birthday is that you can grant yourself suspension from everything you should be doing or worrying about. I didn’t do chores. I didn’t worry about my manuscript or a bunch of emails I had to reply to or my taxes. I spent time putting on makeup (doesn’t happen very often). I drank my tea slowly and enjoyed it without having to shove it in the microwave seven times because someone or something distracted me from sitting down and actually drinking it. I ate like a woman possessed and didn’t think about my weight, because hey, it’s my birthday, I’m radiant!

Anyway, now it’s the day after my birthday and I need to come back down to earth. I too have some hardcore volunteering to do (that made me laugh so hard, so true) a squash pie to make (Yum! Ta!) and some general worrying, peppered with procrastination (Lizzie Bennet diaries will help with this, I LOVE it!) and daydreaming about winning the lottery. My Mum bought me a ticket for tonight’s jackpot as a birthday present. A present that could be worth meeeeeeellions of dollars!! Wouldn’t that be nice (see? daydreaming…).

Lots of love,


PS. The daffodils in the photo are from my Mum. She always tells me that the daffodils in Christchurch bloomed on the day I was born. I love it when she says that. Does your Mum have ‘when you were born’ stories? Have you saved some for little e?